A downloadable game

I am currently reworking a big part of the codebase. I got a new job and things have been hectic but I plan to ramp up dev efforts after getting settled. 

Sky Gambit is an online, fast paced, competitive, multi-player, twin-stick shooter with stylized 3D graphics. Ships are the characters in Sky Gambit. They are fully customizable, and made up of parts which are sold in packs. Players can purchase packs using in game currency or Paypal. In game currency is awarded in the form of scrap pieces to those who play matches. More scrap is earned for each kill. Currently there are over 1500 parts in the game, with thousands more in development. Arena mode, which is a team death match game with rounds ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, is the only mode fully integrated into the beta at this time. There is a full level editor on the way so that you can make maps to play with your friends!

In Development

  1. Campaign Mode-- MOBA-like match where teams attempt to destroy an opponent team's "capital ship" --to come
  2. In-depth Lua scripting in the level editor.
  3. More character customization
  4. Multiple Character slots
  5. Additional music

For More information check out our wiki www.skygambit.wikia.com